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Overhauling of the bow rudder unit of the ferry "Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"

In the time from 26.12.2013 to 06.01.2014 MET GmbH carried out the entire overhauling of the hydraulic cylinder bearing of the bow rudder unit of the Stena Line GmbH & Co. KG ferry “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”. Due to bow rudder failures shortly after commissioning of the ship MET GmbH developed in the year 2000 a design solution which meets the requirements of high mechanical loads, intensive impact of the sand, dirt and corrosive seawater. By this innovative design solution and a developed wear diagnosis procedure, the planned service cycles could be prolonged, without any intermediate failures.

MET Quality management system: Audit successfully passed

After the recertification in 2012, MET passed the second surveillance audit in 2014 without any deviations confirming MET's target-based and process-oriented quality management system according to the norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The annual audit carried out by the external verifier DeuZert GmbH provides us with an excellent instrument for monitoring the effectiveness of our system. Besides, once more we could proof evidence that we apply the methods and procedures according to the norm certainly in our everyday work to render services in the highest quality for our customers. The topical certificate is further valid till May, 2015.

Series continued – MET optimizes aerodynamics of cruise ships in a virtual wind tunnel

From January 2012 to June 2013, the MET Motoren- und Energietechnik GmbH has optimized the aerodynamics of a series of next generation cruise ships in several design loops on behalf of the shipyard Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and in close cooperation with the future owner AIDA Cruises.

Autoclave process optimisation of CFRP-parts for Eurocopter: publishing in CEAS Aeronautical Journal

Since 2009 MET GmbH performs simulation of optimisation for autoclave processes for Eurocopter. Inside a “virtual autoclave” the production of CFRP parts ( with and without sandwich structures) is calculated.

Diagnosis of gearbox with PTO for ferry "Kaunas Seaways"

MET GmbH has performed an in depth diagnosis and assessment for a summation gearbox of 2 x 2650 kW for propulsion of vessel "Kaunas Seaways". The owner AB DFDS Seaways ordered the investigation of the current technical condition and reliability after 25 years of operational time.

Repair of two gear boxes on board of ferry "VILNIUS Seaways" ship owner AB DFDS Seaways

During the short time of docking of the ferry, two large gear boxes (2 x 2650 kW) were repaired.

Aerodynamics of AIDA cruise vessels of the next generation

MET Motoren- und Energietechnik GmbH is rendering study and calculation service to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), for optimizing the aerodynamics of a new series of cruise vessels for the German shipping company AIDA Cruises. The AIDA newbuildings of the next generation shall match the highest safety standards, guarantee a highly satisfying passenger comfort and be in service with a minimum of specific emissions. As well a rigorous knowledge about the air flow situation around the ship, the exhaust behaviour and the wind comfort is required in a very early design stage. These questions can be answered quickly and efficiently by means of numerical flow simulations (CFD) used successfully by us.

Optimization of the marine propellers made of CFRP and GFRP for Voith

On 06.12.2012 Voith and MET will hold a presentation for the CRP convention in Stade, sharing the latest results for the production of thick marine propellers. The propellers are manufactured by Voith in a compression molding process, which has a high geometric accuracy, reproducibility and uniform resin distribution without the inclusion of foreign bodies such as air.

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